About MISE

What is MISE?

The Macau Meetings, Incentives and Special Events Association (MISE) is a non-profit organization with the objective of supporting MICE professionals working in Meetings, Incentives and Special Events.

Scope of action


General term indicating the coming together of a number of people in one place, to confer or carry out a particular activity.


An incentive event is usually a program organized to recognize a specific individual or individuals who achieved specific goals.

Special Events

“A special event is a gathering of human beings, generally lasting from a few hours to a few days, designed to celebrate, honor, discuss, sell, teach about, encourage, observe, or influence human endeavours.”

Why a new mice association in Macau?

  • Existing Macau MICE Associations do not cover Incentives and Special Events, and our MISE program will be focused on the development of these areas.
  • To attract International events and promote the city as a Destination through new networks.
  • To produce creative MICE Educational programs.
  • To develop independent reports about the Macau MICE industry.
  • To create an English-speaking platform embracing all professionals involved in the Macau MICE Industry.