Macao Event Planners’ Guide 2017/2018

Macao Event Planners' Guide 2017/2018 (PDF)

The official e-version of the Macao Event Planners’ Guide 2017/2018 (MPEG) is now available online and can be downloaded for free.

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澳門會獎盛事策劃指南 2017/2018 (PDF)

澳門會獎盛事策劃指南 2017/2018 (MPEG) 官方中文版現正式開放免費下載.

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Macao Event Planners' Guide 2017/2018


What is the Macao Event Planners’ Guide?

The Macao Event Planners’ Guide (MEPG) is the leading project of MISE, with the aim to create an integrated platform for the MICE industry and business offerings in Macau. MEPG is the consolidated Professional English directory on the Macau MICE Industry for (business) event planners worldwide. MISE aim to assist IPIM in making Macau a desirable and professional MICE destination in APEC, to increase and enhance the competitiveness of Macau in an international market place. MEPG is the first step in creating an Event Destination Brand for Macau with the consolidation of resources and quality services throughout the city, and to promote to the world what Macau can offer as a top-25 APEC destination. MEPG can also support the MICE industry in Macau to open up business travel opportunities, reaching out to international corporate clients and visitors, while raising awareness of the importance of quality standards across Macau, reinventing the city’s offerings and growing Macau MICE capabilities.

Who is MEPG for?

• International Businesses/ Professionals • Associations and parties, corporations worldwide • International events • Event Planners Worldwide • APEC Event Clients • Government Departments

What are these clients looking for?

• High Level of (Professional) Services and Products vs. Affordability • Facilities & Capacities • Successful Meeting/ Learning/ Networking/ Profitable Shows • Events Services and Arrangements • Business Facilities • Local Expertise • Business Links/ Connections/ B2B Opportunities • Accessibilities/ Logistics • Safety & Security • Privacy/ Exclusivity • Their Needs Being Understood • Tailor Services/ Proposal to Their Corporate Values and Organizational Goal

How & where will MEPG be seen?

• Print directory, USB, e-copy/ Tablet Edition (PDF), website • MICE Tradeshows • MICE Alliance Partners • MISE Members Network • Government International Offices • Online (e.g. Corporate & Associations Head Quarters direct mailing, government website, MISE official website etc.) • Social Media (PDF to be distributed through MISE WeChat, govt Facebook)


For interested parties, please contact Conde Group, which is the authorized agent for the production of MEPG:

Ms. Syen Lou
Project Manager

Ms. Alexandra Choi Teixeira
Assistant Manager